• 02.09.2015


    In a joint effort of GIZ and KfW, German Development Cooperation is working to improve the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources for some of Tanzania's most significant ecosystems. Within the German Development Cooperation program, GIZ's Natural Resources Management Project (NRM) aims to achieve that central and local governments, autonomous protected area authorities, and the private sector set incentives for the local population to engage in sustainable resource management. To find out more about the project and its background, please browse the following pages!

  • 04.09.2017

    Stakeholders Workshop on Wildlife Conservation Regulations

    A stakeholder’s workshop was organized on 22nd August 2017 in Arusha in order to provide and accumulate inputs from different stakeholders to the drafted Regulations for wildlife corridors, dispersal areas, migratory routes and buffer zones in Tanzania before it is gazetted. GIZ Tanzania participated on this important workshop it being a key stakeholder of biodiversity conservation in Tanzania through its Natural Resource Management (NRM) project ...
  • 12.07.2017

    An elephant is eating your crops?!

    The elephant, being an iconic animal for millions of tourist coming on ‘safari’ to the Serengeti National Park, Ikorongo and Grumeti game reserves and Ikona Wildlife Management Area, is often titled as a ‘conflict’ or dangerous animal by the local population. Elephants find human agriculture an attractive food source, competing with people in areas where they overlap ...
  • 05.06.2017

    TAWA is going online

    The Tanzanian Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) founded in July 2016 is currently in the middle of their establishment process. Besides from their settle in the new office building in Morogoro and their identification and organisation as a new state institution, they make a lot of effort to become more popular within the Tanzanian society ...