Study tour to Zimbabwe

Sep 28th, 2015

From the 07th-14th September 2015 the TAWA Change Management Team (CMT) visited Zimbabwe. Aim of the visit was to learn about benefit-sharing models in wildlife management. Given its pioneer program named Community Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE) Zimbabwe was chosen as a destination.

Two CAMPFIRE areas of Tsholotsho and Masoka were visited. Communities and the Rural District representatives pointed out how revenues from tourist hunting are allocated to the communities and district authorities. The funds were used to implement infrastructure projects, schools, medical services and anti-poaching activities. Many participants raised their concerns regarding the negative impact a ban of tourist hunting would have on the communities.

Further discussions with the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change as well as the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority took place. Points of interest were models of income generation, scientific approaches to determination of hunting quota and the future of the CAMPFIRE programme. Two representatives of the Zambian Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) were invited to present their experience on the transformation from a governmental to a parastatal agency.

All meetings and discussions provided the team with valuable lessons for the transformation process of TAWA and its vision of wildlife management. A report was prepared by the CMT and handed over to the management of the Wildlife Division.