National Symbol: The Uhuru Torch arrives in Ngorongoro

Sep 2nd, 2016

The Uhuru Torch, one of Tanzania's national symbols which stands for freedom and light, entered the District at Klein’s Gate from Serengeti. It moved to Ololosokwan, Sukenya, Ormani, Piyaya all in Loliondo Division to Olbalbal and Oiloibiri in the Ngorongoro Division.

Some twenty cars full of people accompanied the Torch on its way through the district and all along the route citizens where cheering. In all places it stopped, the population and its authorities prepared a heart-warming welcome and showcased the achievements on development of the last year. Achievements ranging from products like honey to improve income to the investments of citizens, local government and donors in socio-economic structures.

The biggest contribution highlighted was the Samsung Digital Village tele health clinic, implemented by a consortium of different international and national development organisations in Ololosokwan. The contribution of the GIZ Natural Ressources Program was highlighted in Sukenya where the newly trained village Gamescouts gave a show of their drilling exercises and the GIZ car for the District Anti Poaching Unit was handed over officially.

The day closed at Oiloibiri Kimba where a magnificent party closed the festivities with food, drinks and especially dancing until early morning. Whether you are a dancer or not, dancing was an obligation. If not, you would freeze to death. It was a great day appreciated much by the Uhuru Torch officials, all the government and local authorities, invited participants, dancing groups, musicians and all the population.