Celebration of World Wildlife Day 2017 on 3rd March

Feb 27th, 2017

For the fourth time since the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the 3rd March World Wildlife Day, this special day will be celebrated in 2017 to call once again attention to all challenges wildlife is facing these days. Besides habitat loss, overgrazing, farming and development, especially poaching and trafficking pose immediate threat to many iconic species. This year’s World Wildlife Day will be given under the theme ‘Listen to the young voices’ to highlight the importance of the youth’s environmental attitudes, beliefs and behaviour for our all future. To raise awareness about all these difficulties the World Wildlife Day will offering different events and activities around the subject at various places all over the world.

In this context and on the occasion of the World Wildlife Day 2017 the Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resource Management and Tourism (MNRT) is organising a walk through the city centre of Dar es Salaam to raise awareness and celebrate the day on Friday, 3rd March. The walk will start at 7am from MNRT, Mpingo House and going up to Mnazi Mmoja, where a final event will bring together wildlife experts from the Wildlife Division of MNRT, supporters and students to exchange their ideas on the importance of wildlife within Tanzania and challenges wildlife is facing these days. Through GIZ, the German Development Cooperation is supporting this event by providing t-shirts for all participants. You are most welcome to join the walk and make a statement for wildlife in our world!