In the Ministry

In the Ministry

Our Dar es Salaam Main Office is located in the Wildlife Division (WD) of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT). From here, the team advises the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT) on transforming its Wildlife Division into an autonomous agency – the Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) – as mandated by Section 8 of the 2009 Wildlife Conservation Act, in order to improve the protection and sustainable use of resources with the involvement of the local population.

TAWA mandate is the management of wildlife resources outside National Parks and Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The team already assisted the TAWA Taskforce and the successor Change Management Team responsible for the transformation and change towards TAWA in cascading the new strategy and implementing the next steps necessary for the implementation of TAWA.

The establishment of an independent Wildlife Authority, founded by law and capable of running on a business plan and corresponding financing mechanism, is one of the main outcomes GIZ NRM seeks to promote.

The team also assists the Wildilfe Division in implementing innovative Anti-Poaching Measures. Under the Selous Elephant Emergency Project (SEEP) spare parts to graders and uniforms for 600 rangers in the Selous Game Reserve have been provided.

From our MNRT office, our Project Manager and our Administrative Professional further coordinate the operations of the Natural Resources Management Project (NRM) as a whole. Find out more about who is doing the job here

Newly established Tanzania Wildlife Authority (TAWA) started operating

On 8th of October 2015 the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT) officially nominated the members of the interim secretariat for the newly established Tanzania Wildlife Authority (TAWA). Mr. Martin Loibooki (former Director of Conservation -TANAPA) was appointed to be the Acting Director General of TAWA and is being supported by a team of three acting directors, a chief accountant and a manager for legal services. The GIZ NRM project supports the acting secretariat to finalize all necessary documents including strategic plan, financial plan and scheme of service to ensure that TAWA is operational in the next financial year.

Right in time the renovation of the joint project office for GIZ NRM team and TAWA representatives in Dar was also successfully completed and accommodates part of the TAWA secretariat as well as the GIZ NRM team.

Joint GIZ NRM/TAWA representative office in Dar

Cascading of TAWA Strategy for Change completed

The TAWA Change Management Team has successfully completed the Cascading of TAWA Strategy for Transformation and Change to all duty stations within the six TAWA management zones. A total of more than 1.300 Wildlife Division staff have been reached between December 2014 an October 2015. The CMT returned end of October from their last cascading mission to the Southern Highland Zone again with a very positive feedback and valuable input from the field staff working in the respective duty stations. This approach has encouraged the involvement and ownership in the change process at all levels of the new organisation.

Study on Potentials of Non-consumptive tourism

Given the international pressure to ban touristic hunting, alternative sources of income need to be looked at to maintain financial sustainability of TAWA. Anna Spencely, a known expert on protected areas and tourism was commissioned by the project to conduct a study on the potentials of non-consumptive tourism for TAWA.

The fact finding mission was conducted the second week of October 2015, jointly with a representative of the WD. The mission had meetings with representatives of private Sector organizations, donor organizations and experts at the Ministry for Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT). Later the team travelled to Selous GR and conducted interviews with managers of tourist facilities within and outside the reserve. In a second field trip Serengeti NP and Maswa GR as well as the Ikoma WMA were visited.

Besides proposals on how the fee system could be restructured the report concludes that TAWA can increase its revenues from non-consumptive tourism by intensifying its collaboration with the private sector.

Selous Elephant Emergency Project (SEEP) successfully completed (July 2015)

Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve – Africa’s oldest and largest protected area – has suffered greatly from poaching in recent years. The last Elephant Count in the Game Reserve has proven that the number of elephants is declining dramatically and that their future is threatened. In order to react with immediate assistance to the Game Reserve, the Selous Elephant Emergency Project (SEEP) was established. Until June 2015 the project has provided equipment for 600 rangers and spare parts for graders and anti-poaching vehicles. Several partners and supporters have joined hands to realize the emergency action to prevent further ivory-poaching activities in Selous Game Reserve. To find out more, please view the Flyer Selous Elephant Emergency Project (SEEP) here.

Road Maintenance Selous Game Reserve

CMT Training in Bagamoyo 10th to 15th of November 2014

From 10th to 15th of November, the Change Management Team (CMT) held a training in Bagamoyo on “Leadership for Quality and Change” facilitated by Frank Kretzschmar from Stepwise Management®. The program teaches management and leadership skills to enable the Change Management Team (CMT) members to lead the change from Wildlife Division to the Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) effectively.

Applying Leadership Communication Skills